Business trip stays can be a blast

The typical image one gets of a business trip stay is that dark room with a single bed, ugly orange covers, dull carpets and bleak curtains- right? No smiling as you get dressed in your corporate outfit and have your black tea before the working day starts. Dear business traveller, Jozi Apartments invites you to [...]

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Business Travellers: Things we know to be true about you:

Recent research has shown that Wi-Fi and a good location are among the criteria when business travelers decide where to stay. At Jozi Apartments we are proud to admit that we offer that and much more.   We know you want: Amenities Little freebies and nice add-ons have become very appealing to almost every type [...]

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10 Attractions within 20 minutes of your Jozi Apartment:

1)The Hogshead: If you are hungry for some authentic meat, no one serves it better than the Hogshead. Here you can enjoy the most delicious smoked meat dishes like the smoked pork ribs, juicy burgers and peri-peri chicken to name a few. They have 12 local craft beers on tap which you can enjoy while [...]

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5 Essentials to pack when going to stay in a Jozi Apartment:

Each self-catering Jozi apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, lounge and modern bathroom, everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. When packing for your trip, consider the environment you will be travelling to and its attractions. For instance, you won’t need to pack your insulated parka and hiking boots because you’ll be staying [...]

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Why you should consider self-catering accommodation?

Many tourists are concerned with the costs that they have to incur if they keep on eating at the hotel that they have booked. If you wish to reduce travel charges, then staying in self-catering accommodation on your visit to a new place can be a viable option. Self-catering ensures that you can eat the [...]

Five advantages of living in an apartment

Living in an apartment ensures that you can survive easily on a limited budget. Jozi Apartments has furnished apartments that will make you feel right at home. Here, we present some of the benefits of living in an apartment. Reduced accommodation costs Due to the high costs of real estate properties, many individuals are living [...]

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What to Do When in Jozi?

Are you planning to travel to Jozi, South Africa? Jozi is the local nickname for Johannesburg, the biggest city in South Africa. Make the most of your getaway with these must-do activities and stay at a quality self-catering accommodation in Johannesburg. Historical and Arts Attractions The Mandela House in Soweto, Johannesburg is a museum that [...]

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