Business Travellers: Things we know to be true about you:

Recent research has shown that Wi-Fi and a good location are among the criteria when business travelers decide where to stay.

At Jozi Apartments we are proud to admit that we offer that and much more.


We know you want:


Little freebies and nice add-ons have become very appealing to almost every type of traveller.


Location is a critical need for many business travellers. To start, many business travellers have meetings in predetermined locations. Therefore, it is essential for business travellers to find accommodations near those locations in order to minimize transit time.


Business travellers are often weary, which is why convenience is such a big deal to them. People are always looking for ways to save time and cut costs.


The modern world is always connected, and business travellers expect no less from their accommodation. At this point, Internet access is simply a must. This is extremely important for business travellers, who almost always need the Internet to get their work done in the evenings and mornings.


Ultimately, money is often the biggest factor for most business travellers. However, business travellers are not necessarily looking for the lowest price. Rather, they are looking for the best value.


That is why we at Jozi Apartments offer:

Affordable, spacious, hotel apartments to families, business travellers and holiday makers. We are three star graded and provide guests with the flexibility they need to make their own decisions on how they want to travel.


With a selection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom self catering apartments, we cater for short and long term stays.

We are directly across the road from the Wilgeheuwel hospital, approximately 5km from the Coca Cola Dome and 25 minutes from Sandton City.


If you are the type of person who wants to choose how you spend your time and money then Jozi Apartments is perfect for you.


Contact us for more:

Contact:    Steven Carpenter

Mobile:     +27 (0) 78 106 2231




Twitter:     @JoziApartments


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