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Randpark Ridge

Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg South Africa

Randpark Ridge is a well established suburb in Johannesburg South Africa, and covers a huge amount of land too. Ask any postman and they will tell you how complicated it is to work out the Randpark Ridge extensions- there are approximately 76 extensions for Randpark Ridge at the time of writing this. So what makes Randpark Ridge so great that someone decided to make it all encompassing for so many areas? We asked a local resident – “Randpark Ridge is a true leafy suburb with old, beautiful trees lining most of the streets. While there are many new townhouse complexes in the area, and many of the houses have been newly refurbished, most gardens are established and make for suburban bliss living. There are also many great schools like Randpark High and Trinity. As well as well known Johannesburg landmarks such as the Lifestyle Garden Center. It is just a pretty, lovely, suburb and we love living here.”

Randpark Ridge is very close to Jozi Apartments and we often have families using our accommodation for guest overflow over holiday time. Randpark Ridge is also home to the incredible Christmas lights house on the corner of Appleblaar road and Mopani road. These lights are put up every year by a local Randpark Ridge resident, who decorates his house with skiing Santas and sparkly angels to name just a few of the hundreds of characters that are put up. The effort and sight is incredible with streams of people coming to look every year. There is a donation box outside the house for charity and if you are in the area we recommend you visit because you really have to see it to believe it.